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Linda – Die Nackten Superhexen vom Rio Amore (1981) Jesus Franco












Betsy Norman is happy in her job as an assistant-receptionist at a luxurious Spanish hotel. She doesn’t know that the owner Sheila has another lucrative source of income, the brothel “Rio Amore”. Clients fly in from all over the world to relax with the girls and watch the “special” sado-masochistic shows provided by Sheila’s employees. One day Betsy is tricked into coming to the “Rio Amore” where she is drugged and forced to work as a prostitute. A short while later, Linda, Betsy’s convent-bred younger sister, arrives in Spain on a visit. Will she discover the whereabouts of her sister?

This is one of Franco’s last efforts for the by then fading German sex-film boom, made in the late seventies. Supplied with a singularly illogical script, only Franco’s inimitable style prevents this picture from falling into the old “sex, sun and exotic adventures” mould. “The naked superwitches of the Rio Amore” is a delirious mixture of Franco’s favourite images: a brothel full of sex-hungry men and willing prostitutes, a love drug which transforms every woman into a nymphomaniac, cruel gangsters torturing innocent girls as well as a “Lolita” figure discovering love. Thirteen year-old Katja Bienert’s Linda is gorgeous , even though she adds nothing to story. She teamed up with Franco again the same year in Eugenie, Historia de una Perversión, one of Franco’s more fascinating efforts. Die Nackten Superhexen… is undoubtedly more entertaining than interesting. It is good enough to provide a wild 90-minute roller-coaster ride full of bizarre images and dialogue of a sleaziness rarely surpassed in motion-picture history. This last was due to the German co-producers who found Franco’s slow moving style and idiosyncratic imagination too odd for Teutonic tastes and added some “typically German” lines such as when bald-headed actor Otto W. Retzer (Who went on to direct his own sexploitation films, like Babystrich im Sperrbezirk in 1982) [Fun fact: not only would henchman Otto go on to direct Babystrich, but he also took the liberty of inserting scenes from Linda into it], chasing an escaped prostitute with a jeep, yells “Faster, we’re going to run right over your pussy”. Unforgettable lines in an unforgettable film.
— Peter Blumenstock; Obsession – The Films of Jess Franco; p. 142

A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Review

“As I looked like a grown-up already at the age of eleven, taking off the clothes was like a freeing therapy: I was full of complexes over my voluptuous body”
–Katja Bienert

*Not to be confused with Franco’s other Linda (aka Lorna) (1974), nor with Les nuits brûlantes de Linda (1975).

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