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Maid in Sweden (1971) – Dan Wolman



Christina Lindberg (Thriller: A Cruel Picture and Anita) stars in this incredibly sexy US-Swedish co-production. Young Inga (Lindberg), a country milk maid, longs for a trip to Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Leaving her rural home for a weekend in the big city, Inga soon discovers her beauty and (ample assets) gets her into a bit of trouble! Deserting her country life sensibilities for a slice of urban values, Inga’s romantic adventures will shock and entertain! Maid In Sweden is an erotic coming of age story and is one of the very first film roles for cult-film starlet, Christina Lindberg.

Maid In Sweden is a US-Swedish co-production, shot on location in Stockholm, but filmed in English. The now-defunct Cannon Films was chiefly responsible for the film’s production and—despite the title—it was never released in the country of Sweden! Still, it served its purpose back in 1971, which was getting Lindberg’s fans (she was Penthouse’s Pet of the Year 1970) in the theater and drooling over her luscious, barely-legal body.

“Despite its unusual lineage — a Swedish-American co-production, filmed in English by an Israeli director (Dan Wolman, under the amusing sobriquet “Floch Johnson”) — Maid In Sweden is pretty much your standard “coming of age” skin flick of the type popular in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Most of the dialog appears to be improvised; significant stretches of the film’s short running time are consumed by scenes of Greta, Inga, Carsten and/or Bjorn (in various combos) traipsing about Stockholm while accompanied by bouncy pop songs, sounding a good five years out of date, on the soundtrack. As indicated above, there’s very little plot to speak of — it’s just filler in between the nude scenes. Now, provided you’re cuckoo for Christina this isn’t necessarily a bad thing… The bodaciously babe-a-licious Lindberg sheds her clothes frequently, changing outfits, showering (in slow-motion on one memorable occasion) and shagging. In her youthful prime she had one incredibly hot bod.” – Eccentric Cinema.

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