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Monique, mein heißer Schoß [1979]

  • Orjinal İsim: Monique, mein heißer Schoß
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
  • Filmin Dili:
  • Oyuncular:
  • Etiketler: ,

I was able to find virtually nothing about this movie, so here is the plot description from Amazon.com (and translated from German I believe):

The beautiful Monique student plunges into erotic adventure rather than exert herself on campus, but when she seduces the son of her hostess, she is thrown out of her dorm room. Monique does not remain alone for long, she seduces erotic photographers in a meadow. But in the end wins the love and Monique returns to your first lover.


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