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Night of 1,000 Sexes (1984) AKA Mil Sexos Tiene la Noche – Jesus Franco







Some people dismiss Jess Franco as a talentless hack. And with some of his films it’s easy to see why. But at his best you can tell why he has such a following. Mil Sexos was one of the films Franco made after his return to Spain in the late 70s in the short period between the relaxation of censorship and the introduction of hard core.

Working for the Golden Films company, under these favourable conditions he could make pretty much what he wanted as long as he came in on budget and on time. Films like this, Gemidos de Placer, El Sexos Esta Loco and Las Casa de las Mujeres Perdidas provided a mid era flourishing of Franco’s considerable talent.

Mil Sexos is a remake of Nightmares Come at Night, which had already been remade as Voodoo Passion. This is probably the best version of the three. But despite using the same plot all three films are completely different. Franco, is less concerned with the essentials of narrative than with mood and style. Lina Romay stars as a nightclub mind reader who finds herself under the influence of sinister forces and suffers from nightmares of bloody murder.

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