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No Escape (2008)


These two Eastern European communist chicks ( I think they are supposed to be sisters) have stolen some emeralds from the Nazis during WWII and are on the run. One gets captured by this lesbian Nazi chick and tortured into revealing the location of the gems. The other escapes to her cousin’s house, but her cousin turns out to be pretty messed up and blackmails the girl into becoming her personal slave in return for not turning her over to the Gestapo. The cousin also makes the girl tell her where the emeralds are hidden. When the Nazi chick gets to the place where the emeralds are supposed to be stashed, she finds that they have already been taken by the cousin. Conveniently though, the cousin has left a map to her house at the site (good move) and so the Nazi and the first girl decide to track them down. The cousin and her slave make a break for it, with the emeralds hidden in a rather uncomfortable place. Will they be able to avoid capture by the lesbian Nazi? Will the Russian army get there in time to save them? Will there be a ridiculous amount of gratuitous nudity? Only one way to find out.

Bonus: This movie features naked wood chopping! Get it while it’s hot.

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