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No me toques el pito que me irrito (1983)

  • Orjinal İsim: No me toques el pito que me irrito
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
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Professor Casimiro Berga, famous sexologist, get to your question completely dejected, defeated, nervous … Just before we saw him leave his home after a night filled with eroticism, anxiety, curiosity and … but do nothing! Have not eaten what they say a thread. His lovely young wife and very good after “encouraging” with its beautiful personal charms, she says no!.

From the Cinehound Forum:
OK, so Enrique Guevara’s En busca del polvo perdido wasn’t that hot a film (some of its ladies notwithstanding), but it was entertaining, diverting, pleasant and had some good humour, whereas this, its sequel, is feeble stuff. No me toques el pito que me irrito (literal translation: don’t touch my dick, it’s irritating; it rhymes in Spanish) once again brings together the writing team of Ricard Reguant (now also taking over as director) and the actor Enric Casamitjana, while Carlos Velat is made to reprise his role as the Sexologist. Things have, it must be said, changed a little since the previous film, for not only does the Velat character now have a name (Professor Casimiro Berga, pun in Spanish obviously intended) but, in upwardly mobile fashion, he has now quit his Paralelo milieu for what seems to be somewhere near the Via Augusta. He is also now aided by another nurse: no longer the prequel’s Siana (Sianna Gori, here seen in another role) but a woman called Diana (Diana Conca); and, most conspicuously, he has quit his overbearingly nymphomaniacal wife from the first film for a new, equally dysfunctional partnership with Cloti (Emma Quer), who is always sexually provoking the Professor but never giving him any.
Otherwise, it’s the same as before, with the professor’s practice being visited by numerous patients who tell him the various stories making up the film’s segments.

Things go off on a wrong start with the first story, whose hero (for want of a better word) is an Italian porn director named Andrea (played in broad, stereotypical ice-cream vendor terms) who is experiencing twin problems on set because his stud actor is gay and he himself, while unable to contain his self-pleasuring on set, is impotent in his private life; a problem for which the Solomonic solution is found of having him star in his own films. This is then followed by the story of a well-off, middle-aged housewife (Barbara Ben) who catches a thief with an Oedipus complex in her house only to then find herself going through a rough but intensely pleasurable experience.
Story number 3 concerns a gambler whose continued success provokes the ire of his fellow card players at the casino, who hit upon the device (shades of St. Benedict) of bringing four naked ladies into the venue to perform a live sex show. The star gambler is initially so aroused as to lose concentration, but problems begin when similar feelings start spreading among the rivals themselves.
An initially amusing, then stupid, fourth segment tells of the problems of a plain, bald man nicknamed ‘the elephant man’ whose sexual problems arise from his failure to find a woman capacious enough for him. A flashback shows him marrying his first wife, a pretty young woman named Conchi (Andrea Albani) without having ever intimately known her. On their first night, her cries of pleasure turn to cries of pain, and the film cuts straight to an ambulance arriving. She is cured but the marriage is annulled. The hapless man then decides to marry a black woman (awwww, get it?) and he finds one in Teresa (Sianna Gori), whom he likewise has never touched. On their first night together, she is initially disconcerted by what she sees, but then decides to simply fellate him. Initially it works, but then, not being Linda Lovelace, she chokes, and we are shown the same ambulance again. She is saved but the marriage is annulled. Undeterred, the man finds a third wife who has had much experience with men; initially their penetrative experiences are fine, but one night he gets stuck in her. They are eventually separated but their union is also over on another sense. On hearing this story, the Sexologist rings a number and calls for a girl who will arrive at the elephant man’s house that afternoon. A blonde woman arrives and they have satisfying sex together. In a most puzzling coda, the woman, one night, changes into a plastic life-size doll, which must be inflated again if she is regain her original form (huh?).
In the fifth and final segment, a naive prostitute (Carla Dey) calls on Professor Berga because she is forever being cheated out of her money by assorted customers, including a seemingly dim-looking businessman (played by Conrado Tortosa ‘Pipper’). Berga simply gives her the wise advice to ask for payment in advance. She leaves contented and in admiration at the man’s intelligence, unaware that the Professor has also imagined a device to sexually dupe her.

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