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Nokaut (1971)


Boro Draskovic – Nokaut AKA The Rogue (1971)

Director: Boro Drascovic
Cast: Miodvaw Andvic, Gabriele Antonini, Barbara Bouchet, Nic Colton, Jagoda Kalopen, Liliana Kustic, Margaret Lee, William Gale, Milia Vujanovic

Tagline: He could make beautiful women do anything he wanted… and he wanted EVERYTHING.

Seriously sexy sleaze rarity from Yugoslavia stars Milan Galovic as a womanizing lout whose resume includes gigolo, drug smuggler and quiz show cheat (does this man know no shame?). Worth the price of admission just to see gorgeous co-star Barbara Bouchet standing up nude in a convertible Corvette as she and Mr. Rogue tool around the countryside!

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