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Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971) – Roger Vadim










Oceanfront High School has a problem. No, it’s not the oddly named Ponce De Leon Harper and his propensity toward constant erections. No, it’s not new substitute teacher Mrs. Smith, with breasts and a butt that can literally stop traffic. It can’t be the majority of the student body because they’re too busy believing in free love and the possible end of the War in Vietnam to cause much trouble…and it’s definitely not Principal Proffer, an administrator who never met a difficulty he couldn’t duck. No, the real contention seems to revolve around Guidance Counselor, Football Coach, school sage, and all around macho menace Michael “Tiger” McGrew. Using his status to gain the female students trust, he beds the babes with reckless abandon. When then start turning up dead, however, a suspicious policeman named Kojak…sorry, Captain Sam Surcher shows up and starts asking a lot of questions…only McGrew seems to be short on legitimate, non-psychobabble answers.

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