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Raphael Nussbaum – The Erotic Adventures of Don Quixote (1976)



X-Rated Adult Movie Poster

This decidedly soft-core erotic musical is not one of the greatest moments of cinema ever. The cinematography is mediocre and the songs are forgettable, but lets at least give them credit for being remarkably faithful to the source material. While Hallmark Entertainment and Broadway have to clean up some of the referenced ts to sex and crap, this one puts it all right out there for you to see.

It is also obvious that the cast was really throwing themselves into the role.

The story follows the adventures of Don Quixote as he goes about under the delusion that he is an adventurer seeking knighthood, and everything he sees he re-interprets as something out of a knightly chivalrous adventure. A prostitute is a princess, an innkeeper a king, and so forth. He is careful to introduce his horse as well as himself. He is offended by the thought of profit, and even more so when he sees filthy money hidden in clean crap (literally). His squire, Sancho Panza, is a dirty old man (not really old, but you get the idea) and every opportunity for someone to take their clothes off and hop in the sack is exploited.

AKA The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
aka Superknights aka The Amorous Adventures of Superknight
aka When Sex Was a Knightly Affair.

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