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Rapportpigen (1974)


Vivi slaves at the brewery, while her unsuccessful and inattentive song writer boyfriend, Soren, fails to provide a salary. At 19 Vivi is already unhappy with her situation feeling somehow unsatisfied, psychologically as well as physically. Misguided by a vain belief that a fur coat will replenish her mental deficits, she lets Soren convince her to have nude pictures taken for an adult magazine. Little does Vivi know that she has a secret admirer, and she is happily oblivious to the fact that her decision will cause a chain of events that will force her to reevaluate most of her views on the battle between the sexes. Da, da, da, da, daaaahhhh. OMG Sooo dramatic, but… mostly this flick is about exploiting the 1969 abolition of the pornographic censorship.

Cover Girl marks Knud Leif Thomsen’s return to the moral debatable. He is quoted saying, that he had long wanted an erotic venture, criticizing previous, competing attempts for poor exercises of the newly won possibilities. The few positive reviews were mostly praising Lise-Lotte Norup in the complex lead, but also Claus Nissen garnered some respect as a challenged and tragicomic stalker providing the necessary human relief. But most reviews were devastating. Thomsen’s critique turned on him like a boomerang as the press rejected the film and accused him of capitalizing on the recent abolition. There was never any real public debate, though, until 1975 when Cover Girl was reissued with new and previously unreleased stronger erotic content. Stand ins were used for the explicit material, the rights were transferred to Location Film and the film was disowned by director and both female leads who – by the way – all had their names removed from the title sequence. Such a heartwarming story.

Pay attention to this disclaimer, though: There is no onscreen XXX action in this film. No eels are inserted into various female/male orifices and no midgets violate any animals. BUT one retarded man is almost raped by a younger Kirsten Rolffes who is perhaps best known for her energetic Mrs. Drusse in Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom tv series. And that is positively shocking. It’s hard to see how Cover Girl could ever be considered controversial if it wasn’t for the sarcastic overtones. Cover Girl is a parable on a gender battle gone too far and as such a true gem of Danish exploitation. Add a funky score by widely praised Danish folk artist Sebastian, and there you have it: A true classic. Timed and subbed in heavenly joy by yours truly. Enjoy.

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