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Refinements in Love (1971) Carlos Tobalina





Year: 1971
Director: Carlos Tobalina
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 88min
Genre: Adult fake documentary

Actors: Liz Renay, Rene Bond, Brigitte Maier,…



“The day they outlaw sex, only outlaws will have sex.”

Refinements of Love, is pseudo sex documentary that tries to masquerade itself as a educational film on sex and now an exploitive film on sex. Refinements of Love, was directed by Carlos Tobalina who was no stranger to the hardcore film industry. Tobalina would direct about three dozen films over the course of his eighteen year career.

The film features a interview with its director Carlos Tobalina who discusses the importance of sex films. The pacing of the film just right with each moment ending on the right beat. Big props to director Carlos Tobalina for the footage he shot and how he made it all come together in the film. Even though the film is staged the look and feel of the content somehow retains a documentary feel to it.

The sex scenes in Refinements of Love are mostly on the tame side with a few scenes that do feature actual hardcore sex. These hardcore and other scenes are your standard one on one sex scenes with no down and dirty sex going on here. Ultimately Refinements of Love is not your typical sex film which makes it difficult to recommend to fans of classic era sexploitation cinema. At best it is an interesting novelty that takes us back to a time when sex was ore of a novelty and not as easily accepted as it now is by the masses.

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