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Schulmädchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen (1972)


“Sour and offensive, the repulsive Schoolgirl Report Volume #3 contains scenes of Rape, Incest, Suicide, Nymphomania, Child Seduction & Murder and has a roughie-cinema feel throughout. It must be the darkest entry in the Schoolgirl series and a Must To Avoid at All Costs”dvdtalk.com

German youngsters are inducted into the enticing, forlorn world of adult sexuality in SCHOOLGIRL REPORT. An uncomfortable international hit, the 1970s pseudo-documentary series presented high school as a feverish bacchanalia in which the quest for orgasm trumped all concern for class exams or finding a good college. Its journalistic trappings (including man-on-the-street interviews, psychological experts, and a tone of parental concern) helped protect it from obscenity charges, and lent the films a seedy verisimilitude that foretold the explosion of reality TV and gonzo porn. From school bathrooms to boys’ dormitories, this third film captures more coming-of-age encounters between the sexes. Every usual element is included: Rape, incest, suicide, nymphomania and an over-the-top “liberalism” that makes sex look like everyone’s single spare time activity. However, this particular film also has some darker moments. If you want to see the father seduced by his own daughter to “save” the parents marriage, or want to witness a beautiful girl seducing her 12-year-old cousin, this one is the place to go. However funny and/or strange the episodes of the film are, one has to keep in mind that the actors were non-professionals, basically cast “on the street”. This alone makes it an interesting reflection on the social reality of Germany in the years following ’68.

Schoolgirl Report 3 aka Schulmädchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen West Germany (original title)
Koulutyttöraportti n:o 3 Finland
Les provocatrices ou le sexe à l’école France
Reportage gyro apo tis mathitries No 3 Greece (reissue title)
School Girl Report Part 3 International (English title)
Schoolgirl Report Part 3: What Parents Find Unthinkable (undefined)
Schoolgirls Growing Up USA
Schulmädchen-Report 3.Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen Austria (imdb display title)
Thranio No 3: Sexoualika provlimata koritsion Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)

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