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Schulmädchen-Report 10: Irgendwann fängt jede an (1976) Walter Boos


Year: 1976
Director: Walter Boos
Country: West Germany
Language: German
Duration: 78min
Genre: Sexploitation comedy

Actors: Alexandra Bogojevic, Astrid Boner, Reiner Brönneke, Siggi Buchner, Angelique Duvier, Walter Feuchtenberg, Paul Glawion, Gina Janssen, Yvonne Kersten

Directed by Walter Boos. Pretty hard to come up with fresh descriptors for this series ten volumes in to it, so for a general summary, read above or below. “Schulmadchen Report 10” is however, not without its own unique charms that make it worthy of inclusion to your collection. Namely, gorgeous blond Fräulein Marianne Dupont who looks like a model and is featured prominently in this film. Also worthy of note are a couple of smokin’ hot masturbation scenes (one of which features Miss Dupont), and an uber cool retro rock sountrack. German language only, but you won’t have too much trouble following this movie!

A teacher is discussing sex and morals with her class of senior schoolgirls. She tells them of cases and they recount others or remember them silently.

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