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Screwballs II: Loose Screws [1985]

IMDB commenter wrote:
After watching this movie more than 6 or 7 times, it remains a hilarious experience.

Granted, not everyone will share my enthusiasm for the adventures of Marvin Eatmore, Steve Hardman, Hugh G. Rection, and Brad Lovett, but if you are willing to set your brain on neutral for an hour and a half, you WILL be entertained.

Basically the four guys, after failing grade 12 four times, are sent to Coxwell Academy for the summer as a last chance to get their high school diplomas. Their teenage libidos raging, the four quickly start a game to see who can score with the most girls that summer. It is best summarized by Brad, who offers, “10 points for every girl you score with, 5 for an almost, and 2 for a look-see.” in their own creative ways, the four embark on a sexual journey full of mishaps and hilarity.

As an interesting side note, Canadian comedian Mike Macdonald fills the role of Principal Arsenault, out to ensure the boys’ summer is a living hell.

Vying for the affection of both the principal and the guys is the French Teacher, Mona Lott (yes, that is her real name). Again, more hilarity ensues.

This movie is absolutely ridiculous, but outrageously funny. Granted, many of the jokes are rehashed from the original “Screwballs”, “Loose Screws” offers its own unique take on a strip club journey, beach party, sneaking a boy into the girls’ dorm, and a thrilling ‘climax’ at the end. Come on, how can a guy pretending to be a girl who is forced to have a bath, only to find a single tub left that he must share with an innocent co-ed who happens to be blinded by her missing glasses not funny?

On top of all this, the soundtrack is amazing, featuring such classics as The Extras “Circular Impression”, “Screw It” and “Loose Screws.”

Rent Loose Screws if you and some friends want to laugh harder than you have in a long time.

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