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Senta: Danish Pastry [Nick Millard] [1972]



Senta: Danish Pastry
(aka SENTA)
Director: Nick Millard (Alan Sinclair)
CAST: Maria Arnold, Justine D’Ore & Suzanne Fields

Here’s Nick still milking the once popular Danish porn imports of the late 1960’s and early 70’s. I would say the ad campaign probably fooled quite a few people. However there is nothing remotely “Scandinavian” about this one.
This is the last of my Nick Millard films and it also marks the end of this phase of Millard’s career. Pornographer Nick Millard (aka Nick Phillips) copied Andy Warhol’s Factory system; just as the pop artist had minions cranking out works in his Manhattan studio, Millard financed other filmmakers to crank out porn for him. Since Nick never put any credits on his films, it is difficult to sort out which ones were outsourced. This one is supposedly directed by “Alan Sinclair” but it has Millard’s stamp all over it and I can find no info that Sinclair is a real person.
Shot MOS (Mit out Sound) with added femme narration and stressing the fetishes of colorful clothing/lingerie, especially boots, shoot with harsh lighting, and most importantly with some sexy women. Minimal storyline with gibberish by the faithful femme narrator, who adopts three different accents to try to differentiate the non-stories involving three female protagonists.
Senta is played by the great porn starlet Suzanne Fields who also in “Gunilla”. She arrives in L.A. from Europe where she is supposedly a big sex star and flirts with some dude whom she likes but unfortunately “has balls”. She jumps into a cab and drives around in the rain looking for her friends place. There are nice shots of LAX and early 70’s Los Angeles street scenes.When she gets to Angie’s place there is the requisite lesbian sex scene that is Nick’s forté, rendered slightly hardcore with the assistance of a vibrator and a dildo.

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