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Sexy Killer (1999)

  • Orjinal İsim: Sexy Killer
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  • IMDB Puanı: /10
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  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
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That’s right, it’s La Femme Nikita the porno version. Originally split into two parts this cut contains both. Hilariously bad English dubbing combined with serious as cancer amateur acting make this pure CG XXX gold.

IMDB Wanker wrote:
Sarah Young: hot hit lady
11 May 2011 | by lor_ (New York, New York) – See all my reviews

NIKITA was the holy grail of Sarah Young movies for me, and I was thrilled to finally get to see this rarity. If you’re not a Sarah fan, it might just be too much of a good thing.

Like many of her other handful of feature films made after Sarah became the Queen of loop-styled vignette videos in the early ’90s, SEXY KILLER is structured to showcase her beauty and sexual talents. As a result, it doesn’t play like a real film but consists of storyline dollops plus extended sex scenes centered on her, adding up to 131 minutes of high quality porn.

I like all of the previous NIKITA incarnations, from the original to Bridget Fonda’s take, to both the intriguing TV series. SEXY KILLER hearkens back to Luc Besson’s first film, copying it as a workable template for XXX action. I thank Video Search of Miami for making this rarity available on DVD in America!

Lengthy opening has a drunken Sarah, with four of her mates, invading a rich couple’s home. They have group sex downstairs (endlessly), with Sarah doing her patented d.p. thing, and then head for the safe to steal the goodies.


When they’re confronted by the master of the house, we learn that it’s an inside job, led by young Mark (Francesco Malcom, young star of ADOLESCENZA/ALL GROWN UP), the owner’s son, who has the combination to the safe. A shootout ensues, followed by an even more lethal gun battle with the arriving police, and everyone but Sarah is killed.

When a tough SWAT guy is kind to Sarah, who’s been ill in the next room (missing the carnage), she pulls out a gun and kills him in cold blood. Jumpcut to Sarah in a strait jacket being dragged kicking and screaming down the floor of a hospital corridor for incarceration in a plain room w/hospital bed (I would have staged this in a padded cell, but director Mario Bianchi aka “Nicholas Moore” scrimped on the budget).

Sarah is identified throughout the film as the character Sarah Lester, not Nikita, so either this was a code name or merely a video exploitation moniker. In any event, her prowess as a killer gets the attention of Christophe Clark (Sarah’s frequent co-star for nearly a decade) as Sergio, who is introduced in a lengthy sex scene with his tall, blonde assistant.

The rest of the film’s first hour includes a lengthy threesome (and inevitable d.p.) of Sarah servicing two hospital orderlies, plus Sergio playing head games with her, allowing her to get his gun and prove her mettle by trying to kill him, not realizing he’s planted blanks in the rod.

Finally we return to “La Femme Nikita” format, with the blonde giving Sarah a makeover, turning the scruffy, jeans-clad sexpot into her usual glamorous self for the fans, and most importantly having lesbian sex with her.

In a stunning red dress Sarah accompanies Sergio to dinner at a lavish restaurant. As in the surefire Besson film fashion, he’s a shameless manipulator, presenting her with a beautifully gift-wrapped present at their table, which turns out to be a fancy gun with silencer.

Sarah’s pretty angry, but it’s life in prison or else, so she assassinates the target at a nearby table and runs for her life. At this point, the Sarah fanatics (I’m #1) will be separated from the mainstream porn fans, as top-heavy Sarah running around in action footage is far from ideal casting for a role now associated with Maggie Q -poles apart in body type and athleticism. But remember, Maggie was chosen for the same reason as all Nikitas -she’s mighty sexy!

With her maiden mission a success, Sarah gets over her outrage and becomes Sergio’s lover, resulting in a very hot sex scene where Christophe goes through all the positions and the duo demonstrate their prowess & reliability in XXX content.

Her next mission is posing as a maid to a wealthy young couple, intent on stealing their not-so-carefully-hidden (it’s fun watching Sarah rifle their bedroom to find it) little red notebook containing secret info Sergio needs. Of course they have a really stimulating threesome beforehand, and film has an open ending of Sarah completing her mission but simultaneously thumbing her nose at authority.

This is a guaranteed turn-on if you love Sarah, and my mind wandered to hope for her MILF comeback (not happening), as it’s only been 12 years since this was made and she retired. Miscasting aside, she would be perfect (for my eyes only) as the overage GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO XXX.

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