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Siv, a Swedish Girl [1971] Nick Millard


Siv is an 18 yr old naive and beautiful Swedish girl. She is invited to live with a hippie couple attending the local university. Before long she is introduced to all manner of drugs and bi-sexual encounters that leave her fulfilled yet corrupted…wanting more.

Tucked away in their filmmaker’s archive since they were theatrically distributed back in the Sixties and Seventies, Nick Philips skin flicks present a time capsule of their era. His stylishly colorful chronicles of the hippie lifestyle constitute only one of his most important achievements. For Philips used the exact same approach in over two dozen movies and yet still can surprise even the most seasoned viewers of his work with left-field plot developments, sudden technical flourishes, and the most unpredictable finales. Siv-A Swedish Girl winds up being Philips’s ultimate statement on the free love /hippie phenomenon. This one is about an unsteady young couple who receives an exchanged student from Sweden nammed SIV. They usually use those foreign students as sex toys and that’s how it starts with this one. A first it’s all about free love, threesomes and lesbianism. But eventually, SIV unwillingly puts them further apart and it’s not long before all the characters loose their minds. Once again, the final scene is mind blowing and depressing, to say the least. Free love and drugs are not all good and NICK PHILIPS didn’t wait until the early 80s or later (flick is from 1971) to show us that. Like in most NICK PHILLIPS flicks, most of the dialogues are the couple’s voices over : you just can’t run from their sickening thoughts. It will live a bitter taste in your mouth when you’ll be done with it.
Nick Millard AKA Nick Philips is an underground exploitation auteur who’s been making flicks from the mid 60’s up until now. Most of them are fetish erotic/porn but he also made straight up horror flicks like the CRIMINALLY INSANE series.

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