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The Beast in heat AKA La Bestia in calore (1977) Luigi Batzella



AKA SS Hell Camp; SS Nazi Hell Camp; Nazi Holocaust; Horrifying Experiments of the SS Last Days; SS Experiments Part 2; Holocauste Nazi (Armes Secretes ill Reich); La Bestia in Calore. If you can make it through the tedious “brave resistance fighters vs. evil Nazis” excuse for a plot (two words: fast forward) you’ll be rewarded with some of the most vile, heinous, wildly original torture camp set-pieces to ever come out of this sickening little subgenre! A baby is tossed into the air and machine gunned, men are castrated and drowned, a woman has her fingernails pulled out in loving close-up, while another has her stomach chewed open by rats… And then there’s the “beast in heat” himself: a demented mutant who viciously fucks the women thrown in his cage, then finishes up by ripping out bloody handfuls of their pubic hair and EATING it! A truly disgusting, thoroughly obscene, one-of-a-kind marvel!

Italian filmmaker Luigi Batzella (best known as “Paolo Solvay” but working here as “Ivan Katansky” ) directed this appalling follow-up to his tedious 1976 Nazi sex/horror foray Kaput Lager: Gli Ultimi Giorni delle S.S. using the same patchwork method of grafting footage from his own early war films to newly shot scenes of torture and depravity. The results this time, however, rank this film among the sickest of an already sick genre. Macha Magall stars as a sadistic Nazi doctor who creates a caveman-like monster (comedian Salvatore Baccaro from El Castello dell’Orrore) to rape women. Scenes of Baccaro ripping out women’s pubic hair and stuffing it in his mouth, obviously fake rats (guinea pigs?) eating people, and electrical shocks applied to women’s privates alternate with tedious claptrap about the resistance movement to stultifying, nauseating, and often unintentionally comical effect. Brad Harris co-stars with Xiro Papas, Alfredo Rizzo, and Antefatto’s Brigitte Skay. Cut versions range from 75-85 minutes. ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide

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