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The Naughty Stewardesses (1974)

  • Orjinal İsim: The Naughty Stewardesses
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
  • Filmin Dili:
  • Oyuncular:
  • Etiketler: ,

Sexy air stewardesses – four naughty female flight attendants – become involved with a wealthy womanizer, with unsurprising results. They live out their wildest sexual softcore nude fantasies.

Barbara (Marilyn Joi as Tracy King), Margie (Donna Desmond) and Jane (Sydney Jordan) all fly the very friendly skies, living a life of adventure on their appropriately named lay-overs. When young Debbie (Connie Hoffman) arrives from out of town to find a new career as a stewardess, she isn’t prepared for what awaits her. She will be rooming with the three other girls, but is shocked when she is introduced to their uninhibited lifestyle and wild, swinging parties, a far cry from her small town upbringing. While in flight, she befriends Ben (Livingston), a wealthy playboy, who saves a man’s life while on the plane. Once landed, she accompanies him home, naïvely waiting at his bar while he proceeds upstairs for a nooner with another girlfriend. Debbie’s reserved and prudish demeanor is broken down when she meets Cal (Richard Smedley), a shy fashion photographer, for whom she volunteers to pose nude. However, Cal becomes jealous of Debbie’s relationship with Ben when she invites Cal to a party at the older man’s estate, where Cal gets mixed up with Barbara’s new boyfriend, a porn movie producer who also has a scheme for making some quick dough. The plot puts our stewardesses in grave peril, with only Ben and Margie able to save them.

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