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The Red Nights of the Gestapo [1977] Fabio De Agostini

  • Orjinal İsim: Le lunghe notti della Gestapo
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
  • Filmin Dili:
  • Oyuncular:
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An influential group of German industrialists seek to end the Nazi reign of terror and kill Hitler. But their plan is uncovered by the Gestapo. As a response, the SS forms an elite, covert squad of 12 beautiful women fully trained in the sexual arts. Their mission: to discover the traitors sexual weaknesses and exploit them to destroy the conspiracy. What results is an orgy of sex, violence and death as only an Italian-made Nazi film can deliver it.

Fabio De Agostini

Fred Williams
Ezio Miani
Francesca Righini
Rosita Torosh
Isabelle Marchall

The Red Nights of the Gestapo was directed by Fabio De Agostini who worked more often as a screenwriter then a director. De Agostini co-wrote the screenplay for the classic Italian gothic horror film Nightmare Castle and the shocking giallo In the Folds of the Flesh. The screenplay uses very loosely actual events that happened during World War 2 and then they filled in the rest with decadent behavior. Two other key ingredients to the plot are how the SS uses the most depraved human beings to help them pervert enemies of the state. Another staple of this genre paranoia with in the Nazi party is effectively used like when SS has Colonel Werner von Uhland under surveillance. They even go as far as threaten his wife if she doesn’t help by insinuating that they will kill her son.

The production design exceeds most films in the Nazi exploitation genre and Fabio De Agostini direction is filled with many wonderfully composed shots that look like mini works of exploitive art. It is also interesting how the director a few times inter-cuts sex with violence. The films score is sparse with only a few motifs with the main theme a waltz like number being played repetitively thorough out the film. Decadent behavior is something that all Nazi exploitation films have in common with each other which is something the real Nazi’s would not stand for in fact they where know to kill those who showed even the slightest sign of being decadent. Great works of art like paintings also where destroyed for being to decadent. Who knows if the Nazi’s spent more time with their pants down like they do in these Nazi exploitation films, then maybe the war would have been shorter.

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