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The Toy Box (1971) – Ronald Víctor García




The Toy Box is a surreal skin flick, mixed with supernatural horror and outrageous sci-fi elements. While much of the running time is taken up by curvaceous beauties in simulated sex acts, the schizophrenic nature of the film never allows you to comprehend what’s real and what isn’t. When a severed head appears out of thin air, you’ll be just as confused as the party guests.

The entire movie feels like a hallucination, flooded with color and smoke. Red and blue lighting are used to great effect, resulting in scenes that look like a naked adaptation of Dario Argento’s Suspiria. Adding to the dreamlike atmosphere are the creative and varied sexual “tricks.” These include a couple in the back of a van at a staged drive-in, a murdering butcher that literally loves his work, and the unbelievably curvaceous Uschi Digard in a naked rendezvous with a possessed bed.

The story, while definitely bogged down by all the softcore simu-humping, is delightfully ridiculous and it’s conveyed with dubbing that’s worse than any chop-socky flick. For a good deal of the dialogue the actors don’t even bother to move their mouth. The silly script is full of absurd lines, including some of the funniest bed-speak ever recorded. “My eyes are on fire!” Yeah, it’s all quite hilarious, and when the truth starts to reveal itself you may not believe the absurdity of it all.

The Toy Box is a unique genre clash, loaded with vibrant colors and attractive women. Fans of the bizarre, and the naked, will surely enjoy this hallucinogenic trip through nudie world.

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