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The Wicked Warden AKA Greta – Haus ohne Männer (1977) Jesus Franco




A young lady who’s sister has presumably disappeared or has maybe met a grisly fate, has herself committed to the prison to investigate what’s really going on at the Los Palomas institution from the word of a humanitarian Doctor Milton Arcos played by Jess Franco himself in another cool cameo. There she witnesses Ilsa fucking inmates, pressing thumb tacks into them in a loving embrace which obviously sets up Ilsa as some kind of nutso masochist, administering injections and nipple electro shock treatment.

Alas, this isn’t the worst of what’s going on as she discovers other atrocities like secretly shot snuff footage lensed by Ilsa’s right hand man and her perils of being the new fish in one of the more controversial scenes where she has to use her tongue as human toilet paper.

The film is filled with everything we love, degradation, lesbian scenes, torture and constant full bodied nudity even by Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne) who apparently signed on to the agreement that she wouldn’t do any below the waist nudity scenes. This however doesn’t stop Franco though as we all are aware how he is addicted to his crotch zooms.

Although not as gory as the other Ilsa installments, don’t let this scare you off, as it’s completely sleazy from beginning to end maybe even surpassing the other Ilsa films in these stakes and makes a perfect unofficial sequel even surpassing Tigress of Siberia and is quite brilliant by Franco standards. Maybe even a good starting point for those who are yet to be initiated to the works of Jess Franco.

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