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The Woman Hunt (1973) Eddie Romero


A bunch of women are abducted so they can be hunted down like animals by depraved wealthy perverts in the remote Filipino jungle.

Director Eddie Romero, working from a suitably lurid script by David Hoover (who also co-wrote the story with none other than Jack Hill), relates the sleazy plot at a steady pace, delivers a handy helping of tasty gratuitous female nudity, further enlivens the proceedings with startling moments of bloody violence, and pulls out all the stops in the exciting last third when the titular hunt kicks in.

The cast of familiar B-flick regulars play the material with real gusto: the always great Sid Haig cops the top acting honors with his splendidly slimy and spirited portrayal of leering and lecherous dirtbag Silas, “Hee Haw” honey Lisa Todd likewise hits it out of the ballpark with her perfectly icy portrayal of cold and ruthless lesbian Magda, John Ashley does well as the laid-back and basically decent Tony, plus there are sound contributions from Pat Woodell as the assertive McGee, Charlene Jones as the sassy Billie, Laurie Rose as the feisty Lori, Ken Metcalfe as the vicious Karp, and Eddie Garcia as evil rich sadist Spyros.

Better still, we’ve also got a foul misogynistic sensibility evident throughout which gives this picture an extra scuzzy edge. Justo Paulino’s cinematography is rather plain, but overall acceptable. Jerry Dadap’s groovy and lively score does the get-down funky trick. Fun schlock.

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