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Und sie genießen die Liebe [1976]


Easy Come, Easy Go AKA Jet Sex

Con man and gigolo Harry Korda decides he has to strike it big by finding a millionaire’s daughter to marry so he can gather enough money to move to the Bahamas.

Description from IMDB is pretty spot on:
“…For a Seventies Sex romp, this film really isn’t all that sexy. The story is too convoluted to be funny and yet it certainly cannot be called serious, either. It’s just not very good at all. The sex scenes are all quite short and surprisingly, the majority are soft. So it would seem likely that there is a non explicit cut available as well. It all ends with a lot of chases and double and triple crossing nobody cares about. Also, the lead character Harry Korda keeps saying “See You later Alligator” to everyone like he invented the phrase.”

Johnny Wyder
Johnny Wyder
Rainer Peets, Günther Notthoff, Rena Bergen

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