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Paul Vatelli – Bodies in Heat (1983)



Bodies in Heat

As is common knowledge with porn films, most of them are spoofs of mainstream films and TV shows (i.e.: “Hindfeld”, “Foreskin Gump”, “The Backdoors” and, my personal favorite, “Pocahotass”). “Bodies in Heat”, as the title suggests, is a porno take on the Kathleen Turner/William Hurt film “Body Heat”. However, after seeing it, I can honestly say that “Bodies in Heat” is a pretty fair thriller in its own right. It can stand alone besides such film noirs as “Body Heat”, “The Postman Always Rings Twice” and “Double Indemnity”. “Bodies in Heat” features two actresses that I have had the pleasure to actually meet in person: Annette Haven (my all-time favorite porn actress) and the late Lisa DeLeeuw (who hailed from Illinois). Haven stars as the wife of a wealthy, but cruel, man (Eric Edwards) who treats her like property. Haven calls the police to report a stolen necklace and gets the services of detective Herschel Savage. I have seen some of Savage’s other work and I can honestly say this is HIS best, both sexual and as an actor. Haven seduces Savage into aiding her get rid of her husband. The plot unwinds in at a suspenseful pace and has an ending that will totally floor you. I can guarantee that no one saw this coming at all. The sex scenes are quite good. In fact, if you were to edit out some of the sex scenes from this, it would STILL make an impressive thriller. For women who constantly complain that porn is too crude for them to enjoy, this is the film to see to see just how good the genre can be. It should also be seen with their men, for two reasons: (1)It is DEFINITELY good foreplay and (2) it might make them treat their women better if they think THIS is what he’s got to look forward to if he steps out of line.

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