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Video Vixens (1975) – Henri Pachard









Video Vixens
Starring Keith Luckett, James Walters, Harrison Phillips, Norman Fields.
Directed by: Henri Pachard.

Bought by Troma, but not originally BY Troma comes a funny sex romp about porn films. A gratuitous amount of nudity in this one (title speaks for itself) and cheese galore!

“When a lusty television executive hatches a plan to stage an awards show honoring the world’s best pornography, you can guess what happens next. Suffice it to say that this adult film star-studded extravaganza isn’t so much about what’s being worn on the red carpet — it’s about what’s underneath the finery. George “Buck” Flower, Marius Mazmanian, Robyn Hilton, Sandy Dempsey and Starlyn Simone are among the celebs making nude appearances.”

Review from imdb:
Video Vixens is one of the funniest sexploitation comedies around. Norman Field (Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, The Godson) is WKLITT television executive Clifford Bradley, paranoid of a conspiracy to deprive Americans of their sexual desires via added ingredients in the soap. He decides to cancel regular programming and put on a stag film awards show to reinvigorate America’s sex life. George “Buck” Flowers (Taking It Off) as porn auteur Rex Boorski, is put in charge of making it all happen. Especially notable is Harrison Phillips as Gordon Gordon, film critic for Bradley’s station, who is as prude as they come! He is ordered, much to his own mortification, to host the gala event. All three give incredibly tight performances. If you can get past the jokes about rape, something one is expected to do in films by Almodovar and Waters, Video Vixens works well even as a commentary of modern television twenty five plus years after its initial release. Broadcasting the Porn Academy Awards is not that far off in a society where a lesbian kiss on Ally McBeal gets high ratings and the use of four letter words and bare buttocks qualifies as breakthrough television. Plus the commercial and film parodies work well within the structure of the plot (like those in Putney Swope). Add to all of this the star power of sexploitation veterans Marie Arnold, Sandy Dempsey and Rainbeaux Smith, this film not only delivers the skin but also an entertaining plot and plenty of laughs to go along with it. That’s something even Gordon Gordon would approve of!..

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